Snoring is a problem not only by distracted people who hears it but also by those who personally suffers from it.

For most people, snoring is normal. It may be just an indication that they are tired or drunk. But, for habitual snorers, that’s another issue and this issue can lead to severe health risks like sleep apnea and heart problem.

Almost 60% of the total adult population suffers from this, and even as young as 2 years old, snoring is a problem. Usually, snoring happens when the airways is being blocked physically. It can be caused by a large tonsil, or when the tongue lowers down.

Also, aging affects regular breathing while sleeping because as we grow older, the elasticity of our upper airway becomes weak, thus, we find it hard to breathe normally.

There are remedies offered to those who suffer snoring such as:

• By avoiding alcohol

• By losing weight

• By having proper sleep hygiene

• By opening nasal passage through warm baths and nasal strips

• By staying hydrated

While these are effective snoring solutions, other people opt to have stop snoring pillow. An anti snore pillows are pillows specially designed for habitual snorers which addresses the sleep position issue. While sleeping on your side is ideal, most people will tend to sleep on its back which can result to a louder and deeper snore.

This pillow works by supporting the neck in a specific position, thus, preventing snore and keeping the airway open. Usually, it is made from memory foam which provides comfort for you and your partner’s good night sleep.